Sonntag, 8. Februar 2015

I am not quite sure how do it....shall I translate every article into English....?

Hello my lovelies, if you have any suggestions about that then please let me know, I am not sure how to do it. Shall I translate all the posts at once and also put it into the same post, or shall I post a separate post were everything is in English...well i am really not sure how to do it.

Anyway so here now for my English readers those are the news for today. :-D

Like I told you recently there will be some here it is now. I have started to chrochet a bit now. I have been quite busy doing hearts and these flower brooch so far. They look lovely on a crochet hat, bag, coat or just for decoration in your home. There will follow some more in the next few days. Well so a cute brooch in white and rose!

Also finally this lovely fabric arrived from England and I can't wait doing beautiful earrings and hairclips with it. There will be something new there too....I will make hairribbon with fabric buttons...yahooo...can't wait to show you.

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